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kids ride-on main produces ride on cars,The age range of ride on cars for children 4 to 8 years old, when purchasing combination of the children's age and body height, select the appropriate size.
Children's cycling characteristics:
Children bicycle chain cover is essential saddle maximum height is equal to or greater than that a 560mm of children cycling should be installed engaging portion of the outer surface of a disk chain cover or other protective device to cover the chain and sprockets on, when the chain all engaged in the sprocket disc chain cover in the radial direction beyond the outer side of the chain, without the plate chain cover with other protective devices, and the covering range should be extended to the sprocket tooth initially enters the chain on both sides of sheet the point along the chain amount to at least 25mm. Children bicycle saddle maximum height of less than 560mm should be fitted with a chain guard to complete cover chain sprocket and the outer surface of the flywheel and the edge, but also cover the inner surface of the sprocket, and chain and sprocket engagement at prevent children finger into the which hurt. Children's cycling does not belong for road riding, use must be used under adult supervision, and honestly can not ride on the road.
Children's cycling size can not be too large, the brake when the child grip not tight hand brake will not brake the car. So buy the best kids go try. In addition, the braking force shall not be less than 50N. Otherwise, the vehicle will not brake harm to the child. Children's cycling comes with protective wheel balance wheel, which enables the rider to maintain a balance, so pay attention to whether the purchase fully serviced (about a) not arbitrarily removed parents in the purchase and use of signs of the times necessary to consider it.
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