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electric go karts

kids ride-on main produces electric go karts,electric go karts is a very simple structure, steel frame, steering system pedals, fuel tank, transmission chain guard, driver seat.
Simple kart riders to wear protective helmets and gloves, and only need to remember that the left foot brake, right foot fuel door, steering wheel steering 1:1, to galloping track. Kart chassis is very low, only four centimeters off the ground, the runway is smooth, so that riders feel maneuvering, plus roaring roar appreciate the usually experience less than fun. Once skidded off the runway, karting will automatically turn off the halt, will not be overturned, and to protect the safety of the riders.
The kart can exercise sensitivity, and other parts of the brain, eyes, hands and feet and body coordination exercise courageous spirit, is a healthy sports and entertainment events. Karting as one of the most economical racing with all the basic content of the motorsport, simple structure, flexible operation, low cost, good security, suitable for mass consumption motorsport. Every weekend, young people have toward the kart track, maneuvering in winding down the race track to Falls in urban fashion.
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